Friday, February 15, 2013

My Valentine's Day Card

Every year, for every occasion my husband will make me a card. He knows that I make cards and would much rather get any type of homemade card over a store bought card from him (seems silly with a room FULL of supplies and even made cards). Usually it is a piece of printer paper folded into fourths and drawn on, and I Love them! This year, without me knowing, he got into the "Dude, Your Welcome" kit to make me a card. Though I did have a good laugh because he gave me the card without an envelope. I asked him why he didn't use one from the kit and he response was, how was he supposed to know that everything he needed was in the kit, it was too complicated LOL! He had actually found a piece of white card stock, cut it in half with my cutter, scored it with my cutter, then opened the kit for the stamp and ink. He used one of my markers, Ridinghood Red (or as he called it little red riding hood one), to draw on the front and write the Very Endearing message on the inside. Like always, the card was the highlight of the gift.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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