Sunday, July 22, 2012

Convention 2012 Swap - Simple Ribbon Rosette Technique

This post is a tutorial on a Technique that I did to create a technique card for a swap. Here I will show you how to create Rosettes using Ribbon.

3/8” Whisper White Taffeta Ribbon (or any other ribbon of your choice)
hot glue gun or needle and thread

Cut a piece of ribbon about 13” or so. If the ribbon is thicker you will want it longer. The longer the ribbon is the larger the rose will be.  Find the middle of the ribbon and fold it down to make a right angle.

Fold the ribbon back and forth, keeping the L shape. It’s okay if the stack of folds starts turning as long as you keep the right angle as you’re folding.

Keep folding it over itself until all the ribbon is used up.

Slide you finger into the last folded section. Hold tight to the 2 tails and let the rest go. You will have what kind of looks like a braid.

Choose one of the two tails you are holding. Gently and slowly pull that tail through your fingers leaving the other tail alone. It will begin to fold down onto itself until it becomes a rose!

Now you have two options: you can sew it or hot glue it to keep it from unfolding. I find sewing easier. Just stick a needle and thread in a couple of times and knot it.

Now cut off the tails of ribbon and you’re done! If you use Whisper White ribbon, you can use re-inkers and water to dye it or markers to color it.

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