Friday, July 20, 2012

Convention 2012 - Tea Light Holders

I hosted a swap at convention this year, a Bling Swap.  I provided bags for the cards and this cute little gift to each of the participants.  It is very easy to make!

2 soda cans
tools to cut open the can (I used pruning sheers)
Big Shot
Flower Folds Die
Sticky Strip

First cut the can apart by cutting off the top and bottom and then through the middle so it can lay flat.  I actually used pruning sheers to cut it.  Be very careful not to cut yourself with the can as it is very sharp.  I bought a pair of mechanic gloves from an automotive store.  These keep the can from cutting me.

Lay the can on the Flower Folds Die and run it through the Big Shot.  I used the second and third largest flowers on the die for this project.

Here is the second largest flower after it is cut out.  Once it this cut the edges will not cut you.

On the larger flower, I place the design face up and folded the petals upward.

Repeat the process for the smaller flower but put the pattern face down and fold the petals upward.  I then put a small piece of Sticky Strip on the bottom of the smaller one and then adhered it to the larger flower to help keep it in place.

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