Friday, June 4, 2010

Find of the Day

No project today but I just had to share my find yesterday.  I was wandering through Target (because that is just fun to do) and half looking for better ways to organize all the stuff in my stamp room.  If you remember I just recently reorganized my stamp room but still was working on my stamp sets.  (see post here).  I have seen many ways to store the new clear mount stamps; however, they all sit on the floor or table (which I have no space for) or they are just too big.  But today I found the perfect solution.  It is a wall mount DVD/CD storage.  It has four parts and each part holds 15 DVDs.

These are two of the racks.  Very simple and dont take up a lot of space.  You can hang them where ever and only hang what you need!  Love It.  And the best part is they are only $10.00!  (You can find them in the DVD/CD section).

So great and right next to my table, so very convenient!

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