Thursday, April 8, 2010

Renovation of my Stamp Room

Well I have had a little time on my hands recently so the first thing I took on was cleaning up and rearranging my stamp room.  I wanted to show off my hard work.

First, my birthday present.  I got one of the deluxe ink storage units from Storage Units, Ink & More.  I Love It!  It holds all my stamp pads, markers, and reinkers!

Here is my primary work space.  As you can see I mounted the ink rack on the end of my table.

I used rods from IKEA for my punches.  I need to get another rod, I have already run our of space!

I made my ribbon rack from wood posts and peg board with hooks.  Then used dowel rods to "string" the ribbon.  I have one more rod to add to make four rows.  If you want exact dimensions to make your own, email me and I will send them to you.

This piece is one that I still want to change out; however, I have not figured out what to do yet.  Right now, this is four wire cubes that lock together.  I have the top two facing my table and they hold currents sets.  The bottom two face out and hold the few retired sets I cant let go of and other ideas and stuff I collected and probably need to go through and clean out.

Behind where I sit is all sorts of containers for storage of all my toys.

First, to my right side are all the things that need to be easily accessible: adhesives, clear blocks, punches too small to fit on rods, white cardstock, accessories I use often, wheels, etc.  On top is my stamp cleaner and other random stuff because I cant actually have a spot for everything.  Next to it is a crate with my neutrals and In Color Cardstock.  I put them in file folders with the tab being a piece of the color.  It is a great way to hold both the paper and scraps to minimize waste.  Under that is the container that holds all my 12x12 Cardstock and Designer Series paper.

In the closet there are three layers, the bottom holds all the rest of my accessories and toys.  Two more crates for the 4 families of Cardstock.  And lots of bins with drawers full of accessories, paper, tools, glitter, embossing powders, stamps, inks, ideas, and random stuff I cant bring myself to throw away :)

I have installed a couple of shelves to hold accessories that are current such and buttons, Florette's, eyelets, brads, etc to easily see what I have to work with.  I am a visual person and if I put it away I will forget I have it to use!  I need to get one more shelf to finish it off.

The top of the closet holds other type of crafting stuff such as candles, candle holders, cross-stitching, and paints along with pictures, cards, envelopes, and albums.  The very top shelf is my husbands storage, mostly computer related stuff.

One of my favorite new additions to the room is my 5x5 square shelf from IKEA.  It is not completely finished as I want the bottom to all be bins and I want a couple more inserts like the one set of drawers I already have but it is SO awesome!  It displays my catalogs, magazines, scrapbooks and many projects.  It is also where I store my Big Shot and accessories.

(notice the extra chair, anyone is welcome to come and play with me!)

This corner holds the filing cabinet every house has but more importantly the TV!  And because my husband and I are computer geeks, the TV is actually a monitor that is run through a VCR (yes we still have one) and a computer so it is on the house network so I can tape shows on my TIVO downstairs and then transfer them to my room to watch!  I also have my high quality color photo printer.  The great little table was from IKEA for only $8!

Here is a closer look at my work table and my view out the bay window.  (Meeko loves laying in front of the window while I work!)  Notice my Netbook, another birthday gift.  My family Spoils me!

Frequently my husband will hang out with me and work on his work (he is a website administrator) on his laptop so he has a table by the couch to work on.  And of course a tea set up for brewing.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my stamp room.   I am very blessed to have such a wonderful space for my crafting!  It is by far my favorite room in the house.  Let me know if you have any ideas on how to better organize my stamps; otherwise, I guess I will have to wait until all I have are clear stamps!

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